NBA 2K21 Is Now On XboX Game Pass

Starting March 4th, NBA 2K21 is among the free games included in the Xbox Game Pass, a premium subscription service from Microsoft.

NBA 2K21 is now available through the Xbox Game Pass program. The famous basketball simulator joined this program on March 4th. What makes this news is the fact that we rarely, almost never, see a current sports game, not to mention such a popular one, included in a roster of free games. We are used to these programs to offer the last year’s game. The current NBA season is planned to end in May so we still have a couple of months until the conclusion. In the previous years, sports games usually joined console programs of this type when the Playoffs began. It looks like things are different in 2021.

NBA 2K21 on Xbox Game Pass offers subscribers the chance to play the game without purchasing it. As long as they pay the subscription fee, they can play the game. It’s also possible for the game to retire from this program at some point, but it’s too early to talk about that now. If you have a friend that wanted to try the game, this is the perfect chance. NBA 2K21 comes with many modes and activities. As you know, the current game brought Seasons mode to MyTeam. Seasons are fixed periods that come with new content and rewards. Each Season has a different theme. We are currently in Season 5. This is the Age of Heroes. It has a comic-book theme with new player item cards stylized as comic-book heroes. Season 5 introduces new collections that allow players to enrich their MyTeam roster with new cards. Challenges are also part of the seasonal content. One particularly interesting challenge is the recreation of a famous mode from NBA 2K11. Players can experience this legacy Jordan Challenge. It is one of the most iconic moments in Michael Jordan’s career. It’s his last game with the Chicago Bulls team in 1998. Jordan retired from this team in glory as he scored the winning points in this match. It was this victory that enabled the Bulls to win the NBA Championship. You will need a Michael Jordan card to play this historic challenge. At this point, all NBA 2K21 players surely have at least one Jordan player item card but, just in case, you can snag one for free by using the JORDAN-LAST-SHOT locked code. Xbox Game Pass has three subscription plans starting from $10 a month with a promo to pay just $1 for the first month.

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