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Slot machines are the most haphazard type of casino game ever. There are no strategies or methods to be applied in a scientific way, but some correct behaviors can maximize the chances of getting a win, or at least minimize those of a loss.

Premise: if you are looking for a 100% secure system to break the slot machines, perhaps identifying recursive patterns, this article will not satisfy your hunger for money. There is no safe way to win at slots.

The outcome of betting on slot machines depends solely and solely on how the luck turns. However many players get convinced, there is no system or method that can guarantee a slot win. In slot games in fact the outcome of each game is totally independent of the previous ones and this is a mathematically valid fact, which is why all the legends surrounding the world of slots have no foundation.

The bad luck and the search for recurring situations can be very harmful, as they place the player in a mental condition in which the idea of ​​an imminent, completely unfounded win develops. So here are the tips that we believe can improve the players’ experience in this type of online games.

The impossibility of developing mathematical strategies is part of the appeal of slot machines. These games are in fact appreciated by those players who simply want to have fun, without having to follow complex betting schemes. Despite this, there are some aspects to consider well when playing online slots. Here are our tips and advice:

Check The Payout Of The Slots You Want To Bet On

Online casinos by law publish the odds of winning each game. Although it is not possible to see the exact payout value for the current month, the indications of the previous months can give an idea of ​​what is the average of the payout percentages set for a given slot machine.

Evaluate The Payment Of Winning Combinations And The Number Of Symbols

Each slot machine has a table that shows among other things the value of winning combinations and the number of slot symbols. The slots where the combinations are paid the most are always preferable. The opposite is true for the number of symbols, which must be as low as possible. Many bonus games like free spins are activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear on the wheels. In this case, slots that pay in cash the combinations of two Scatter symbols are preferable. Otherwise the presence of two Scatters on the game screen has the only effect of decreasing the probability of making other winning combinations.

Check If There Are Promotions That Offer Refunds

Online casinos often offer promotions that provide for the reimbursement of a portion of the money wagered if the player ends the game session with a loss, the so-called “cashback bonus”.

Focus On All Available Lines

In the most modern slot machines the highest winnings can derive either from the bonus games, or from the free spins, free spins in which very often the winnings are multiplied, as well as the Jolly symbols that can appear on the wheels. By betting on all available paylines you can maximize your chances of getting good winnings during free spins and special games.